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Counseling Department

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Carlos Camacho

Adjustment Counselor

I'm excited to meet you! 

Hi everyone, I am the 6th grade counselor.  My job here is to help you, young scholars.  Provide you with the support necessary to be a successful scholar in school.   The support can be from emotional, social, academics, etc.  I enjoy helping the youth in every way possible.  I honestly believe that I can make a change in your life.  Feel free to reach out to me no matter what.... I believe in you and your potential, YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!

Emily Harrison

School Counselor

Happy 2023-2024 school year!!!  I am here to help you to have the BEST school year possible!  We are all learning to navigate this new normal together, but as your school counselor, I am happy to help you to have a successful year. Some reasons you might want to talk to me: issues with friends/family/school, feeling sad/mad/bad, wanting help with self-control/anger management/feeling distracted, worried or concerned about something or someone…the list could keep going, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!  I look forward to connecting with you individually as well as in groups (and you will see me “popping” into classrooms, too).

You can reach me via text 413-351-0527 or email

Dan Mendelsohn

School Social Worker

Hello Impact family! I am one of the school counselors, which means my job is to help students have a successful school year. For some students that means making honor roll, for others it means getting better at Math, or practicing speaking English, or making more friends. I'm here for you in the good times and bad. That means when students are feeling down, or angry, or frustrated, I'm always there to support them. I love working with students to figure out who they are and who they want to become. I love working with families because when everyone is on the same team, students do incredible things. Hablo Espanol si prefiere. See you soon!

Myrtha Quinones

School Counselor

Welcome Impact Prep Team!

My goal is to provide guidance in partnership with school faculty, students, families, and community resources to best empower students to become the best version of themselves. “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” I look forward to working with everyone!

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