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About Impact Prep

The Impact Prep Way

Impact Prep Middle School is a 6th-8th grade school, located on the Chestnut Accelerated Middle School campus and lead by Principal Dr. Declan O'Connor. Impact Prep has a strong emphasis on equity in the classroom and has an enthusiastic staff with experienced teachers. At Impact Prep, every student has many opportunities to excel in their academics, positively influence their communities and grow culturally.



The mission of Impact Prep Middle School is to build foundations for academic excellence, community engagement and leadership in all students. In partnership with students and families, we support students to gain confidence as learners by building their critical thinking skills and character development in a joyful school environment.  Impact Prep emphasizes the importance of equity in education through intentional instructional practices, culturally relevant curriculum and by affirming all aspects of student identities.  Students at Impact prep are empowered to become leaders and change agents in the Greater Springfield community and beyond.




Through joy of learning, affirmation and embracing a growth mindset, Impact Prep students will be prepared to make change, organize and recognize that they are the future leaders of our community and that leadership starts in the classroom


Impact Prep is committed to equal treatment for all individuals. Impact Prep does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.

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