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Making an Impact at the Puerto Rican Parade

On September 18th, Impact students, staff, and families came together to walk in the Puerto Rican parade to kickoff celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. There was singing, dancing, musical instruments played, and a wonderful time had by all. This year was extra special since our thoughts and prayers were with those on the island recovering from Hurricane Fiona. It was also very special because it was the first live parade since 2019 because of COVID.

The mission of the Springfield Puerto Rican Parade is to celebrate and raise awareness of Puerto Rican culture and honor the contributions of the Puerto Rican community. Each year, the parade has a theme, and this year’s theme was “¡Unidos Progresamos!/United we Progress!” and since 2020 would have been the parade’s 30th anniversary, 2022 celebrated being back together.

Everyone was delighted to be a part of the Puerto Rican Parade as it represents the joy, culture, and traditions of many of our Impact Prep Puerto Rican families.

- Myrtha Quinones and Emily Harrison

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